Walk Thotic

Walk Thotic

Our Walk-Thotics are perfectly suited to the individual who is suffering from any level of discomfort while walking including foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain and sciatica.

Our bespoke orthotic insoles enhance the bio-mechanical movement and alignment of the foot, this prevents rotation of the knee therefore protecting the joint, repositioning the pelvis and preventing hip and back pain.

Walk-Thotics can be worn for a variety of activities from shopping to hiking.  Just let us know the type of shoe you will wear most often and we can have the insole made to fit that style.

Here at Fit-Thotics, our aim is to keep you moving comfortably.

As all of our orthotic insoles are prescription, it is important that we get full details of your requirements.  There are a few questions we need to ask you before we are able to go ahead with building your orthotics.  To enable us to do this, we ask that you contact us to make arrangements for one of our orthotic experts to call you back. After taking your details, we then send out an imprint kit along with full usage instructions to your home address.  Once the imprint is taken, simply send the box to the address enclosed, along with your customer details form.  Once received we will build your orthotics and send them back to your home address within 2 weeks.

We also offer a personalised service.  Our scanning facility is available in some UK sports clubs and in our modern North-East based clinic.  Depending on demand, we are able to travel throughout the UK to meet our patients and assess your needs.  To find out when we are in your area, please fill out our contact form and we can let you know.

All of our orthotics come with a lifetime guarantee on the body of the insole. (The hard section from the heel to midfoot).  Top covers are not guaranteed but can be reapplied as and when required, for little cost.  However, recovers are not usually necessary for a number of years.

Cost of Orthotic £390 + £3.99pp

Young female touching her left side in pain

Back pain while training

man with impairman with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.

Backpain and Scoliosis

Woman in sport bra having a hip pain, Rheumatoid

Hip pain

Young man with back pain on grey background

Back ache